About Us

...the REAL us.

The fact is, our website is boring... So here is a small blurb about us so you know who you are hiring!

Jason, is the man you will see doing all of your work, quotes, and the guy driving around the truck (sometimes he may buy your coffee!). We take pride in the quality of our work and the materials we use. So he ensures all of our work is of the utmost quality, even if it costs us just a little bit more.

Natasha (the boss 😉) is usually the lady with the paperwork, doing the very little bit of advertising we do. She keeps this site organized and up to date and also the one handling all of our social media accounts... all while being a mom and working in her own personal career field on the side.

And of course we have three of the SWEETEST little ones. Whyatt, Mia and Jackson. You will often see them representing their business with Patriot Home Heating gear.

We are honest, real people who love the city we provide our services to.